Wednesday, April 20, 2011


so they have that tweed thing going on, 
but other than that you can't fault these guys at all*.
this is from their Dealers page:

"Rivendell was formed as a direct-to-you business, which is the best way to sell speciality, high-end goods that are far off the mainstream and often require more expertise and passion than a typical bike shop can muster. 

"We don't want our bikes to be presented as nostalgic throw-backs in a sea of dark carbon fiber low-bar bikes with black parts and not enough spokes

"And that's exactly how they'd seem in a typical bike shop."

sounds like they've been reading my likes and dislikes pages.
they also have some excellent articles and 
er, poetry seems to be a big part of their business model

*well, apart from the fact that they don't like lugless frames 
but I'm happy to let this ride (pun) as I'm sure they mean modern, welded frames
not fillet brazed Aerospace

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