Sunday, April 29, 2012

Showing your age

no quicker way of showing your age in the cycling world
than by your use of

pre internet there were
seat pins

now there are
seat posts

what others can you think of?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You know those "Gios" hubs...?

turns out they're 1st generation
phil wood hubs...
what kind of a nong puts
Gios stickers on a hub anyway?

The project is finished

it is finished
well, apart from the frame bands on the seat tube
and the extra
aerospaces on the chain stays

and it only took 300 posts

Monday, April 23, 2012

Go through road

did this last Sunday
thanks to angry and blakey for organising
still got temazipam legs

registration at belgrave station
can you believe there were people who
drove their cars to the station?
may they drive into their garages forgetting their bikes are on their roof-racks

first of many shots of my mate tivo's bum
here going past kardinia dam

nice smooth gravel

mountain ash forest

slightly gnarlier quartz gravel

the next wave in crabon fribe wheels
with few spokes

descents on gravel proved too much for skinny tyres

bike dude with camera on bike
takes photo of bike dude with camera off bike
taking photo of bike with landscape

10 min lunch at start of Kardinia aqueduct
—one of the few things the Romans ever did for us—
40km mark

another shot of aqueduct
pr0n for civil engineers

punture no. 2
note steep descent in bg

click to find wedgie
in the sky

instructions said
"go on, there is a road"

first creek crossing
bearings clear
amazing the number of riders
who just whizzed through submerging hubs and bottom bracket

instructions said
"continue up hill (lol)"

welcome coffee and snax with 12k to go

lovely original stumpjumper
ridden by M. Binet

across lysterfield lake wall

last of many bike hoiking moments
not long after this, rain hit

wet on train home
tivo and neb both texting missuses
promising no more rides for
at least a year

riding home and looking back
this thunderhead was the one that dumped on us

82.5km ride
+ 13km to train
+ 10km from train
= 105km day
or thereabouts
M. Routens and his wide tyres performed flawlessly
handlebar bag with map pocket was envy of many

Monday, April 9, 2012

UCI Where's Anna? 2012

anna meares is signing an autograph.
can you find her?
you'll need to click and click again of course
50km madison underway in the bg

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Viscount took it off, so you could get it on

it's been a while.
I've been focusing unnecessarily on those Frenchies
so though it time for some
Viscount loveliness.
here you go.

Superfrench drivetrain

jubilee and stronglight loveliness
with some Suntour Winner Pro loveliness tucked away in there

and simplex loveliness too

with the addition of a lower range rear cluster
I have returned to the 48T Stronglight big ring
from the Viscount 52T.
the smaller ring also means I can access higher gears on the rear
when on the small ring.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012