Sunday, June 1, 2014

new Pro's shiny errogenous zones

Now there's an SEO optimised title to attract the wrong kind of attention.
I suppose what I'm posting below is pr0n though
just maybe not the kind the next visitor to this reluctant little* site is expecting


*for the use of that descriptor, thanks to JF

Friday, May 23, 2014

VAR crank puller

since learning that TA and Stronglight 
require their own tools I've 
been on the hunt.
thanks to Hilary Stone, I'm now the proud owner of a dual TA/British crank tool and
VAR is something of a legendary brand in bike tools 
so I'm happy on both fronts.
the tool itself is reassuringly heavy, 
with beautiful, crisp threads.

Wish I Could Be There

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Are you a knobule?

this picture made my day
I found it in the dictionary under

but seriously 
it's not just the 'tragedy' of so much mangled plastic,
if you routinely portage your bike on or in your car
you are a dickhead
if you drive your bike places to ride to
you are stupid
and deserve everything that the bicycle-industrial complex
sells at you

the essence of amateur is having to
or choosing to
ride to the race
then ride home again

that's a kind of class that is rarely seen these days

A clean drive train is to celebrated and photographed

or it might just disappear under a layer of grime when the rain comes

if my bike was clean but no-one blogged about it
did it really happen?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Viscount Aerospace Pro with Panaracer Pasela folding 27 x 1" Tourguard tyres or tires if you will

search engine optimised heading
so I can sit back and watch the stats go through the roof as Russians and Venezuelans search for my bikes

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aerospace xSportx Pro part deux

more pics
sign of how little this bike has been used
and how well stored
by the little rusting on steel parts like cable hangers

some perishing of brake hoods but still well serviceable

a little bit of a shoddy job by the worker who braised the BB shell
but finally I know why my Supa Sport has the redundant little cable-guide braised on
to the lower left hand side of the down tube
it's actually a cable stop for the Titlist front derailleur
DA fronts came with their own clamp-on cable guide for both front and rear mech cables...

like here....................................................................................................^

original suede saddle
miles will tell...

splinched pic again

the whole beast

Friday, May 2, 2014

new, almost literally, Viscount Aerospace Pro

so just bought a very original, close to mint condition VA Pro
check out the amazeballs

lived in a shed all its life apparently

lambert brake lever
rubber half-hoods a bit perished but still very serviceable
btw the original brake blocks work really well
i'm seriously thinking of not updating anything....

not even he bar tape
because it's all in such good nick
that stupid orange tape has already come off though

the crane shifts very fast and even tighter than the NOS ones I've had on Supa Sport
integrated derailleur hanger but alas
no adjuster screws :(

probably the best single indication of how little this bike has been ridden
is there any wear on those teeth? cos I can't see it

this picture got splinched during whilst apperating to cyberspace
finally I get to see the mysterious patina of the Titlist front mech
for myself

this pic badly splinched as well
the only thing wrong with the whole bike is
the head set is a little stiff

could be a type 2 or 3 fork
haven't done the magnet test yet
original IRC tyres
27 x 1, 1/8

probably the other indicators of use
or lack therof
both pedal dust caps present
and the Lambert straps have zero perishing or drying out of the leather
more pics soon

Saturday, April 26, 2014

bespoke forks for Supa Sport

this is the reason the supa sport has been off the road for so long
new set of bespoke forks
vintage Reynolds blades and butted steerer
ornate lug of unknown origin
some custom bosses for the DA centrepull brakes
these will do away with the original yoke
at the top of the above pic
only the two brake caliper arms will be needed

Dura Ace drop outs

although this lug might seem a bit fancy for a fillet brazed frame
they will be well filed
and painted the same colour as the blades
Viscount red top half, chrome bottom half
with no lining or accents
so hopefully not so noticeable from a distance

Monday, April 21, 2014

I's Bicycle visit report but not because JH went there, just because I'm a bit lazy and, well, because.

my boy approaching all hallows
be warned these are the BIGGEST pics I've uploaded yet
so click away

ive had his blog pinged to the sidebar for a while now
realised there are some good pics from visiting his shop last year
Mr I of Grand Bois fame
pic of Ernest Csuka of Alex Singer fame on the wall behind
Mr I is the one we have to thank for the lovely tyres

and now
in no particular order
some highlights

Barra's integrated lever front derailleur
the brazing is flawless
and despite my dislike of aluminium as a frame material
probably the single, sexiest bike I've ever seen
sexy in exactly the same way my blue, woolly socks in the mandatory shop slippers

Lefol Le Martele mudguards
they are not fenders
Cyclo rear derailleur
you can see the massive step between the big and small rings

the cover star of my blog
not spoke-wire instead of cable for the cantis

the cute little streetcar/tram/train/light-rail from Hanazono station 
which is the way to get there

this frameset was lying around
dunno if it was newly-made
or more likely
something old 
stripped bare
like the bride by her bachelors, even

as soon as I saw it 
I knew
it fitted my inner template for a new bike
brake bosses at centrepull
not canti
twin plate fork crown

bit fuzzy 

internal brake cable
love to know what it was
unfortunately there was some tool in there
who was monopolising Mr I's time with dumb questions 
and I had to dash

house upstairs
shop below full of steamy bikes
living the dream certainly

the ceiling
a Herse with my favourite mudguards:
Lefol Le Paon
and various bits of Italian shit

more Italian rubbish in the FG
although there may be some English lightweights down the back
I think I spied a vintage Mercian when I was there

noticeboard with participation medals from the Poly Japon
which I suppose is a randonee
as well as their custom catalogue
and a whole swag of medals from TOMs over the years
TOM = Toei Owners' Meeting

the packages by the door are
I would guess
their main business now

 the meilleur of fillet brazing

another massive step between small and big ring
proprietary Routens front mech
cable operated from below

Barra frame has ovalised top and down tubes
but they start as circular section where they join the head tube
that's some virtuosity in metal-forming
considering where talking 1940s or 50s

the whole sexy beast
with price tag visible
10 grand is reasonable I reckon
people pay more for shit like this

Jo through the window in the winter light
I's Bicycle is called
Cycles Grand Bois
in the online
go there and buy stuff
not a sponsor of this blog