Wednesday, April 13, 2011

race bike

copied from here.
I didn't know this bike ever existed.
even so I had something like this in mind when I decided to restore the Sport,
not to go museum-faithful, but to produce something better.
my bike will have a range of parts similar to this.
DA from the era.
dunno if I'll be getting the weight below 10kg though.
main difference is it won't have drop bars.
still working on what the handlebar config will be...
double click on the pic to see all the detail.


  1. .... Beautiful!!

    I have a new desktop wallpaper

  2. Hi, i just bought a 24.5 inch frame of this bike. I think the only thing different is the wheels/hubs. It's the brushed satin finish, a bit of surface rust here and there but nothing a bit of steel wool shouldn't fix. Original fork and all, which has the steel steerer. It is a tad too big for me, but thinking i'll bring it back to life anyway:)

  3. Hi Utedeej, Can you send me some pics? I'd love to see it! My email is ichibyoshi at gmail. b