Friday, April 29, 2011

path racer bars

in the search to find a new and comfy riding position
that can utilise drop bar brake levers
I came up with this
only to find it had already been invented
a long time ago.
I shortened the bars to bring the riding position closer
to the bend where the levers are.

one pair upside down gull-wing, dove or lady's touring bars
which have a tighter curve than Milano bars, but not as extreme as Porteur bars
one pair drop bar brake levers
one pair standard hand grips and bar ends

saw off, ooh, about 60mm from each bar end
file smooth
position levers
use spray adhesive inside each grip and slide on
seal bar ends

(i) low position but not as low as drop bars
(ii) can ride upright with hands either side of stem
(iii) very comfortable hand position
(iv) works excellently well with drop bar levers
(v) 'new' use for old bar type
(vi) looks good

(i) a bit wobbly when pedaling out of the saddle
(ii) high position a bit unstable
(iii) may be too low for long distances

could bar tape the whole bar which would make the high pos more secure.
only ridden about 50ks in this set-up so still deciding if I like it.
one thing I learned as a kid in the era of dragster
you can get used to
and proficent at
almost any bar set-up given time.

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