Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pacenti Pari-Moto 650 x 38B white gumwalls by Panaracer

just got these from Canada of all places.
Cycles Toussaint get them made
and I suppose Kirk Pacenti gets them made as well
since they've got his name on them
but then they've also got Panaracer's name on them
because they actually made them
pretty much just like they make a slightly wider, white 650B tyre
and another tyre the same width but black
for a different company based in Japan.

So they say 38mm wide but Vern Gauge says they're really 36mm wide.
Nevertheless they fit really well inside Gilles Berthoud's rather dumbly-sized
mudguards, being as they are 40mm wide.

So loving that really.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stupid eBay sellers

we all know them
crappy phone pic
or too many studio photos
incessant relisting of same item
a short hiatus
then relist as if it's a new one
"on sale!"
"free postage"
here then are some of the worst I have come across
for your reading pleasure

ok, so it's got internal cable routing
Ideale 92 saddle, Maxicar hubs, etc, etc
and it's in really clean condition
but $6000? I mean, come on
I could buy a new custom frame rando for that much
and besides
it's a frame for someone no taller than 5'1"

I know I'm right because in 6 months of relisting it hasn't sold

this guy is a classic
one of a number of serial offenders who should know better
because they seem to be ebay shop owners
crappy, non-drive side photo (one only)
non-matching tyres
and a warning the bike needs servicing
but at least he's offering free shipping... :/
but $13,000??? even for a fillet-brazed Routens, that's steep.
a mint condition Rene Herse as featured in this book
recently sold for only $9,000.
been listed for months
and 19 failed offers in its history
but 131 people are watching it
so I suppose probikesfrance is waiting for a moron with more money than sense
to click the buyitnow button
only problem is most of those dickheads buy carbon, not old classic bikes...

probikefrance delights in charging twice what anyone is ever likely to pay.
in fact he's always so exactly over the mark that by halving his prices you can
get a pretty clear idea of market value for any particular item.
new Gilles Berthoud saddle?
currently on sale here for $90
but at probikefrance you can have it for $216.00 with free postage
I could go on but I've got a bored headache already

one of my favourite ebay idiots
pb bikes (perhaps a distant relative?)
based in Portlandia
want a vintage plastic bidon
that will make all your smart waters 
taste like you're drinking
from a vintage kids' wading pool? 
it's New Old Stock though! 
so it's $150 + postage!

He does have some spectacular stuff, I'll give him that much
so much so you wonder where it all comes from.
I have a theory that he's actually a collector and doesn't want to sell anything at all
like those hoons with "for sale 0400 555 555" in the window of their hotted up Hyndai Excel
they just want you to ring them up so they can talk shit about cars, or score a root, or both.

With 98 pages of stuff, he's got plenty to keep you amused.

And now for the piece de—whaa? 
they're not there anymore?
looks like the "Budget Bicycle Center" has closed its eBay store altogether
they had some of the best, over-priced re-listings on eBay
and the delicious irony of the name just meant their site was 
laugh-out-loud ridiculous from go to whoah.

Just goes to show you can fleece a punter in off the street
but people on the net have too much choice
and knowledge to be taken in that easily.

He's even got a thread all to himself on bikeforums. (pbbikes gets a mention too!)