Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bianchi home delivery ride

so last weekend I finally finished the Bianchi and
had to deliver it to its new owner
150km away

so early one Sunday morning I met my good bike friend Vit
and like all good explorers
caught the train half way...

it was a perfect autumn day...

with lots to see and reasons to stop

as we were trying to keep of the main highway
we came across lots of gravel
the Bianchi with 25mm tyres being exactly the wrong bike for the job
this section above was
while picturesque
quite boringly corrugated

this section wasn't so bad

coffee break
at your usual country town mixed business
at about this point I was so hungry I could have eaten some antiques actually

headwind was constant
note to self and others:
never ride west out of Melbourne

at one point we swapped shoes and bikes
Vit wore my new Puma tourers on the Bianchi
and I wore his Shimano SPDs on the Raleigh Super Tourer

my feelings about my first experience with clipless stuff is a whole 'nother post

handmade house and vintage Peugeot

more gravel which Bianchi handled OK
had some smooth channels compared to the corrugations of earlier
normally a job for >38mm tyres

last big rise
on the home straight
but close to bonking

a welcome downhill run
by now
although we didn't know it yet
our arms and legs were seriously sunburnt

handover to the delighted new owner
and a well deserved chicken curry
scoffed down like a caveman

final spec list:

frame and fork Bianchi Super Corsa (Superleggera?) lugged steel, Columbus (SL?) tubing

wheels Ukai 25mm double wall rims, Shimano 105 hubs

brakes Dia Compe aero brake levers, Shimano 105 sidepull calipers

crankset Suntour Superbe (1st gen)

pedals unknown

saddle Italian-made, Unicantor-type suede, plastic shell

seat post generic

chain rings Campagnolo Super Record 47t & 42t (144bcd)

bars and stem Cinelli stem, Cinelli Giro D'Italia bars

derailleur Suntour Superbe Pro front and rear

freewheel Suntour Pro Compe Ultra 6 speed (14-28t)

tyres Veloflex Master 25 Kevlar folding clinchers (700 x 25C)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

an interesting 'new' bike shop

actually dunno how old it is but Andy is really friendly and was surprised that I knew what a Legnano was.

Here is one of his Legnanos

It's so original that he wants to use shit, old cables
even though they stretch and that's the last thing you want in a cable.
but I like his taste. otherwise they are agents for Lynskey
which, while they are certainly a wanker's bike
the Audi of steel bikes currently?
they are, after all, steel not plastic, so there's that
as the kids say.
And thy also have their own house brand, "Champione"
which are made with Columbus Zona and are fucking light

but check out these fillets...

 a track bike made by Colossi (?) in awesome stainless steel

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Victor gets an upgrade

i've retired Positron
in favour of this lovely Suntour shifter that I've had spare for a while
and its companion rear mech
the equally lovely V-GT
the shifting is delightfully precise

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bianchi change to gearing

since this bike is for someone
who's been of the bike for a while
and he lives in the country with lots of hills
and headwinds
I thought it prudent
not to mention compassionate
to put easier gearing on it.
took the 47 tooth Super Record ring off Victor
and the 12-24 freewheel off Jo 650b
but I must say now
the bike does look a little weird