Friday, April 29, 2011

triathletes buy milk too

I wish this bike was seriously someone's project
but I'm sure it's a set-up.
was it the non-matching brakes or the shocks that gave it away?
but I still love the packrack.

recycled from bikesnob.

path racer bars

in the search to find a new and comfy riding position
that can utilise drop bar brake levers
I came up with this
only to find it had already been invented
a long time ago.
I shortened the bars to bring the riding position closer
to the bend where the levers are.

one pair upside down gull-wing, dove or lady's touring bars
which have a tighter curve than Milano bars, but not as extreme as Porteur bars
one pair drop bar brake levers
one pair standard hand grips and bar ends

saw off, ooh, about 60mm from each bar end
file smooth
position levers
use spray adhesive inside each grip and slide on
seal bar ends

(i) low position but not as low as drop bars
(ii) can ride upright with hands either side of stem
(iii) very comfortable hand position
(iv) works excellently well with drop bar levers
(v) 'new' use for old bar type
(vi) looks good

(i) a bit wobbly when pedaling out of the saddle
(ii) high position a bit unstable
(iii) may be too low for long distances

could bar tape the whole bar which would make the high pos more secure.
only ridden about 50ks in this set-up so still deciding if I like it.
one thing I learned as a kid in the era of dragster
you can get used to
and proficent at
almost any bar set-up given time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideale nose

I like this angle

cool? disturbing?

recently sold on eBay for $150.00
which is nothing for a NOS Ideale
especially if it has duralumin rails
then you're looking at $400-500.
click and look closely for the space shuttle stamp.
a product from the industrial revolution pays homage to the late 
space age.
sense make it doesn't.
nice large copper rivets tho.

Ideale type 70 speciale competition

leather stamps come a close second to metal ones.

gum hoods

about as pretty as a squid's one
but cool in the 70s which is all that matters

Ideale 70 seat post clamp

there's something about an old brand
stamped in metal.
what is it?
this style of clamp work crappily compared to modern ones.

dura ace SP caliper

this one
or the centre-pull?
the centre-pull is lighter, suprisingly,
but you have to faff with cable hangers.
the race bike had side pulls.

dura ace CP caliper

this one
or the side pull?

Ideale 70 - the new one

yep. copper rivets and all.

bike pron

the rings are supposed to be black I know.
but in my mind this is a homage to this.

first gen dura ace headset


dura ace down to the cable clips...


3 cranes again

a triskelion

Bike parking in Brunswick

ray has finally solved its bike parking problem,
portlandia style.
way to go Jason!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cars vs bikes

so, obviously the answer is you don't need bigger roads 
just get rid of the cars.

the bus option is great so long as everyone wants to go the same way.

for those who find pedaling boring

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

makes you realise how much harder riding a bike would be
if you had a 10 degree field of vision and only one eye.

this year's race video is below.
it's a bit easier on the eyes.

VCA 2011! from changoman on Vimeo.

Monday, April 25, 2011

VA Gran Sport with Sugino 5 pin

can't for the life of me remember where I borrowed this one from,
but it's here because it's the first VA Sport I've ever seen
with the same front crankset as mine.

nice mixte

plus long cage derallieur.
ftr, mixte are not just girls' bikes.
apols for finger in shot, was
using wife's iFone in a rush

freak bike

the star of the show

bike fence

what do you do when you have more bikes than you can restore in one lifetime?
wire them to your front fence of course.
enjoy, as if you were at a virtual swap meet.