Thursday, June 16, 2011

Victor's new cockpit

this is the new flight-deck of the Aerospace Victor.
it's a bit more complicated than I would like,
but it's all function.

it became necessary when the Positron threw itself in the spokes one night on my way home.
an emoticon is necessary here...  :'(
as a result both the wheel and the Positron have been retired.
but this meant a new derailleur and, more difficultly
a new shifter set-up
since the Positron had the unique twin cable thumb shifter.
Velo-Orange came to the rescue with their alloy thumb-shifter mount
which was a really good match for colour and finish with
a first-gen DA friction shifter.

but there was plenty of faffing by me and the boys at Human-Powered
to make the shifter work (the original friction screw was slightly too small for the VO mount bolt)
and at the right height for the cable — an old Shimano radiused mounting washer was filed flat
as it had the right sized square indentation to match the VO mount.

it seems to work OK so far.
derailleur OTOH was an easy fix,
as my regular reader will know I have several

I also had to commandeer the rear wheel with it's DA Oro cluster
from the VA Sport,
and this in turn required a new chain.

et voila!
the Victor is turning into a second Dura Ace beast.
warning: the following picture might be NSFW.

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