Friday, June 10, 2011

Embracing the plastic

the universe has seen to it that my hubris not go unpunished.
I have fallen in love (slightly) with a plastic bike.
and a Gnait no less...
regular readers will know I have been riding a Ginat Cadex CFM* 1 around town lately
and loving everything from the lightness to the box crown forks to the Deore hubs and Mavic rims
to the extra thick cable rope stuff for the brakes
and especially the bolt on drop-outs.

well now there is something else to love
the beauty of the bonded crabon fibre with the aluminium lugs.
normally they are shrouded by ugly grey and yellow paint
but this retrobike user has done a remarkable job of releasing the frame's beauty
from it's ugly factory paintjob.

after doing such a sterling job on this less-is-more resto
he finishes it off like this—

I'll let you decide
dear reader
whether this is an improvement.

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