Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giant TCR - the new "death fork"?

it seems "Giant", the most boring name in bikes, has been hit by a product recall.
apparently it affects the forks of the plastic bike in the pic above.
"Giant" showed they learned from Yamaha's mistake with the Viscount Aerospace aluminium fork.
they didn't tell anyone at all about the replacement program.
the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall in Jan 2009.

it pays to browse the CPSC and ACCC websites regularly for bicycle related product recalls.
it seems new bikes are more defective than you might think.
and if you think it's just cheap bikes that have defects, the bike in the pic retailed for around US$7,500.00.

other bikes currently under recall by the ACCC are from Avanti, Scott, Merida (another death fork! sheesh!), and the Surly Long-Haul Trucker.
ah Surly, for those too self-aware to buy a Giant.

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