Thursday, June 16, 2011

BSC bikes vs Jitensha Studio: the Honjo Mudguard Battle

lots in the news recently about Australian retailers overcharging
then complaining when customers desert them for the wonders of online shopping.
as well as complaining that they get gouged by overseas suppliers.
here's a case in point.

the lovely pair of Honjo mudguards above

Jitensha Studio - $60ish/pair + $50ish shipping

BSC bikes - $299/pair (but free shipping, yay)

yep, you read that right,
that's 300 bucks.

who's gouging who here?

you know what? since most retailers work on a 100% mark-up,
I reckon that BSC just buy them retail online then double the price.
and if they are doing that
then what's the extra $79 for?
customer service?

it's a Japanese product anyway,
so are you going to support an Australian retailer
who assumes its customers are idiots who can't compare prices,
or just go to the source?

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