Monday, June 6, 2011

brake and pad upgrade

the Lambert CP calipers have been great.
but lately I've been creating so much 
grey mud from the brake pads
I decided to change brands from Shimano basic 
to Kool Stop extreme weather.
at least now I'll get orange mud.
one prob.
the very kool Kool Stop mount bolts were too wide for the slots
that were machined in the Lambert caliper arms.
I just happen to have a pair of NOSDACP calipers in the shed!
originally for the Sport, but it will get the NOSDASP calipers instead.
yipee the slots are big enough.
now I'm
ready for the big rain and freezing temperatures
forecast for the next four days...
as for the Lamberts.
they go to Tushita to wait
for their next re-incarnation.

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