Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raleigh Stow-away clean-up

not a full resto,
just getting it cleaned up and seeing if it's worth spending time on.
it's pretty rusty and neglected as you will see.

new brake cables and the Weinmann 810s from the Gitane.
810 I realised refers to the reach, i.e. the 810s are longer reach than the 730s.
I'm smart.

the only 1/8 chain I had was a half-link chain.

original steel wheels

kooky high BB position and short wheelbase

hey! I've seen those brake levers before!

learning about SA hubs...

like one of those "magic-eye" pics from years ago.

so will it be worth spending more time on?
probably not.
it was pretty neglected.
but when the Gitane ha returned to its owner
this will make a good bike to tootle down the shops on.

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  1. tootling bikes very good. Keep going! I LOVE the purple stow-aways(they originally came with a nifty white vinyl bag on the pack rack). You will turn heads I am sure.