Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday morning ramble - tour of bridges

left at 6 this morning
to burble along Bell st
swerved at the Tulla fwy
along Moonee Ponds Ck path
dodging under pylons and overpasses
out to Docklands

which is like the set of the Truman Show
or Thneedville.
they even have a wall that is the boundary of their world.

beyond this you can see what used to be.

and some tiny signs of life —

a pair of robins resting on a beam

which is more than can be said for the
town square
with the giant screen broadcasting
to no-one

sanity was restored with coffee under a tree
next to a ramshackle
but sufficiently groovy café in st kilda

where owls guarded my bike.

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