Friday, May 25, 2012

Could almost be a Viscount tandem

maybe it's just the colour
or maybe it's the era of components
but this old Schwinn gets my motor running
mmm, delicious fillets...

did a bit of google-jutsu and found out that the Paramount
unlike 99% of Schwinn's output
was not some 
as they say in Nth Mexico
but a handbuilt, top-end frame

the guy on easyBay want's $1600 for it
I can't imagine anyone in Oz putting a buyitnow price
on something like this
not unless it was $10,000
check out the shimmy on that seat-tube
so here's what I'd get rid of:
nasty seats
nasty cockpit
all of it
nasty cantis
nasty pedals
if you've been reading this blog at all
you should know by now what kind of components I'd replace that lot with.
and there are those Phil Wood hubs again.
isn't that always the way?
you see something once
then you see it everywhere

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