Friday, May 25, 2012

The new steed is a "Falcon"

check out the
fully-tricked out vintage-retro-Eames-era photo.
no it's not a real Falcon
like the bikes who sometime shared the use of
phoenix 1027 aerospace tubing

warning: video will induce sea-sickness

but some "random" decals
some "random" owner stuck on some
"random" frame, after they had done a
"randomly" bad, home paint job.
but that was all long enough ago now that even the home paint job is "vintage"

by the way
what makes people put "random" decals on a bike?
well I think I found out
when I asked an easyBay seller-dude why his "Columbus" bike
had a "Reynolds" decal on it.

Well buddy, my brother just put that sticker on from a different bike just to make it look cool.

in light of that statement, am I the only one to be un-reassured about that bike's provenance? 
obviously said dude's brother thinks Columbus tubing is some kind of gas pipe.

and note to said dude: don't start your correspondence with the salutation
it sounds like you're about to engage in fisticuffs.

back to the Falcon.
what I liked about it was its lazy angles
its bolt-on seat stays
and its fork ends.
it used to have a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub.
i've replaced that wheel for the day when I have time to get my head around
servicing those things.
now has a cheap alloy rim and coaster brake hub.

otherwise going for the all-steel look.

the bike is not worth it
but I'd love to put a set of these on it.

chater-lea steel crankset

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