Sunday, August 21, 2011

5 speed bikes are better because

even thought the Sport will have 10
because that was the way she was made
i prefer 5 speeds.
too many speeds means too many gear changes.
think of your bike as being a single speed
then when things really get tough you can suddenly remember
you've got other options.

this Ebisu probably has 10 speeds actually, but still the same idea: single front ring

5 speeds also means
half the number of gear levers and gear cables
if you like thumb shifters
it means you have the other side of your bars for 
a bell or light or cupholder or whatever

on a bike like Victor you don't need a small ring
or a granny gear because he's so light you can get up any hill
just by using your legs.

gary is a bit different
because he's so ckufing heavy it's just no fun riding him
without some pretty low gears
but he's still only got 10
not 21.

1 comment:

  1. I know you are totally down on 3 cranks - but I must say, I ride my 21 gear like a 3 speed with fine tuning and I like it: there's always the right gear at the right time just a click away. A bit lazy, me, I can keep pedaling at the same speed (slowish)regardless of gradient.