Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Viscount Aerospace Pro with Panaracer Pasela folding 27 x 1" Tourguard tyres or tires if you will

search engine optimised heading
so I can sit back and watch the stats go through the roof as Russians and Venezuelans search for my bikes


  1. That is SO fine. I keep coming back for another look.

  2. Why thank you sir, you are too kind!

    You know, out on the road it is very gratifying to cop a lot of looks from hipsters on the street who love the porthole chainwheel, but knowing that it is just an integral part of the bike and its history. IOW it's not an affectation.

    But yes, she flies. To be precise, she accelerates. b

  3. In 1976 I purchased one of theses bikes new, for $260. At the age of 15, that amount of cash was an entire season of strawberry picking. Such fond memories from the many miles i put on that bike. BTW, the original aluminum forks were recalled with a dangerous defect that caused them to snap off.