Friday, May 2, 2014

new, almost literally, Viscount Aerospace Pro

so just bought a very original, close to mint condition VA Pro
check out the amazeballs

lived in a shed all its life apparently

lambert brake lever
rubber half-hoods a bit perished but still very serviceable
btw the original brake blocks work really well
i'm seriously thinking of not updating anything....

not even he bar tape
because it's all in such good nick
that stupid orange tape has already come off though

the crane shifts very fast and even tighter than the NOS ones I've had on Supa Sport
integrated derailleur hanger but alas
no adjuster screws :(

probably the best single indication of how little this bike has been ridden
is there any wear on those teeth? cos I can't see it

this picture got splinched during whilst apperating to cyberspace
finally I get to see the mysterious patina of the Titlist front mech
for myself

this pic badly splinched as well
the only thing wrong with the whole bike is
the head set is a little stiff

could be a type 2 or 3 fork
haven't done the magnet test yet
original IRC tyres
27 x 1, 1/8

probably the other indicators of use
or lack therof
both pedal dust caps present
and the Lambert straps have zero perishing or drying out of the leather
more pics soon

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