Thursday, July 4, 2013

Signs on the road to Beauty

yeah it's only 26 km.
but 7 of those took me 45 min

obligatory shottie abuse

great bit of bronze casting

Spot the King of the Mountain...

He took a cut in pay but was immortalised on a plaque
and a testimonial.
Which made it all worthwhile.

cyclists face many risks on the road, and now we have a sign that recognises that fact.
pissed pogo-ists and skiiing kangaroos wouldn't have been in my top three however.

bogong is right in front of you

the hospital is straight ahead actually
see the stripey building?
that's the hospital

romantic lens-flare because Bogong Ave is drenched in nostalgia

a failed, albeit rather lovely, tourism experiment, repeatedly for sale.
the experiment was they thought there might be tourists
now it's just fodder for this blog.

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