Monday, July 22, 2013

Seat clusters

seat clusters are where the seat stays join the seat tube and sometimes also the top tube
there's a lot of different ways this can be done.
sometimes its integrated into a lug
the cluster also has to incorporate the action of the seat post clamping bolt
a tiny distortion of the seat tube of only fractions of a mm.
makers worried about rip-offs tend to put some kind of embossing in the seat stay cap
their name or logo
really good bikes don't care so much
but it's a lovely detail all the same

Diamond frame, handbuilt in the 50s in Geelong from 531

Centurion, lovely chromed, wrap-around stay caps

Dawes Super Galaxy

F.W. Evans

As the name suggests, with curly stays n'all

Elvin? Elwin? tarck bike

lovely resto with complete Superbe Pro group

recently made bike I forgot who by

immaculate Concorde with gold-plated stays

fancy chromed cluster but somehow 
not as lovely as when they wrap to the front of the seat tube.

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