Wednesday, August 15, 2012


got caught in the rain on the way home
so stopped at julio
the café of the lovely Michelle in
nth fitz
waiting took some pics

the shop was closed but the verandahs were welcome.

not many cafés have food as good. go.


  1. Hi, nice blog. I'm in the process of getting my viscount international fixed up, I'm a bit undecided on whether to try and restore it or to make it into a fixie. I was wondering what hubs you used on yours? The wheels on mine are pretty shagged and I think they'll need to go. Cheers


  2. Thanks Tim. I'd love to see some pics and add them to the blog! Email them to ichibyoshi at gmail.

    You can always do a single speed conversion for now and restore it later. The trick is not to make any permanent changes to the bike (like grinding of downtube shifter bosses, etc). My Aerospace Victor was singlespeed for a while. Then I returned it to its former 5-speed glory. Victor had nice Shimano high flange hubs but steel rims. I got Commuter to relace the hubs onto some 27" alloy rims I got off eBay, but they didn't last long and the hubs' bearings were shot anyway. Now it has the Viscount HF hubs from my Aerospace Sport, laced to brand new 27" rims. The Sport has Dura Ace hubs and new rims as well.

    One of my students has a nice looking wheelset that he got for $70. At that price it'll be shit as, but still a loot of fun. I am a 27" (ISO 630mm) purist when it comes to Viscounts' wheels, but lots of people replace them with 700c for all the tyre options that gives you.

    Keep me posted on your progress. :) b

    PS - great to have a comment that's not spam BTW!