Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Honjo mudguards really do fit 27" (ISO 630mm) wheels.

because I was a bit worried.
Jitensha Studio said they couldn't guarantee a fit, as the mudguards are made for 700C (ISO 622mm) wheels.
but they said they believed some people had successfully installed them.
carefully measured my frame to see and yes
it matched the absolute limit of the mudguards' tolerances for radius.

whether to attach the stays with one Daruma or two?
Jitensha Studio said "please use two".

this is Daruma

and so is this

saw an old bike of Jesse's at Bike Bar with similar narrow Honjo's
that used only one.
um-ed and ah-ed for a week.
finally opted for two as the clearances are so tight
didn't want any movement of the mudguard.

sks mounting bracket holds mudguard to chain stay bridge without needing to drill into the frame.

getting the mudguard to fit the front wheel was trickiest.
since they are really just glorified aluminium foil,
they can take a bit of massaging, coaxing, bending.

the section in front of the fork needing some careful bending upwards
to increase the radius enough
that it didn't dig into the tyre.

think I finally managed to get them to follow the line of the wheel.

if the person who reads this blog is interested, I'm happy to go into details about the ins and outs
of Honjification.
just leave a comment.

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  1. a bit more info:

    clearance will be in mm, so you would like to have
    tyres that are seated very straight on their rims.
    and 1 & 1/4" width will probably be too wide.
    1 x 1 & 1/8 just sneaks in.
    1 inch will have plenty of wiggle room.