Sunday, July 17, 2011

hand-made leather saddle bag for tools and stuff

based on an old Malvern Star saddle bag.
two straps hold it closed and also attach it to frame, saddle, wherever.

stiff leather for front and back
softer leather for sides
linen thread.

the brand says 
which means "martial"
and was done with an antique Japanese cake* branding iron.
these were used so that if any of your cakes strayed 
into another farmer's herd you could tell which ones were yours.

here's my preferred position
since hanging from the saddle obscures the rear light.
could also hang it sideways
from the top tube.

* I think they were used on dorayaki.


  1. Hello, nice saddle bag. you made it? it or where you bought it?

  2. Made it myself. Thanks for your comment. If you like I could post the very simple design for making it. It only requires three pieces of leather. b