Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cinelli bars on a Viscount

pity about the Cane creek hoods I know, but hey, this is temporary...

yes I've finally put drop bars on the beloved Sport.
it came about from perving at all the 700c randoneuses in this book.
so I got an old Cinelli Campione del Mondo bars and stem
these bars are period-correct in terms of shape—
deep drops and all
I would have preferred a Nitto Noodles or something with a shallower drop
but the LBS didn't have them in 25.4 to fit the Viscount stem
and this is a cheap test since I already had everything bar the tape.

covered with some brown cloth tape and shellac:
looks the same as leather tape, more long-lasting and cheaper by far.

the cables are NOS first gen Dura Ace
big thick stonking things that could stop a truck

looks good n'est pas?
the ride is a bit strange, as it always is with a new cockpit
handling is less sure
but the range of hand positions is greater.

here's the old set-up with Nitto North-road bars and Viscount stem

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