Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nitto Grand Bois front rack and "vintage" LED headlight

Grand Bois frontrack 
with "modern" headlight mounting boss
attached to canti bosses

two rubber washers keep the headlight from rubbing the tyre sidewall
and cushion it from road vibration.
headlight shell is only chrome-plated plastic.
for $20.00, I'm not complaining.

impossible to get the front rack mounting to meet 
the mudguard like its
supposed to.
now realise that's one of the signs of a custom

the light is quite bright.
not the brightest LED front light I've seen
but easily bright enough to light an unlit country trail

headlight mounted upside down but still angles well to 
avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.
on/off button underneath
can be reached while riding.

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