Monday, January 9, 2012

Supa Sport and her new decals!

the Supa Sport is nearing completion.
today I spent nerve-racking
minutes lining up the the genuine
Eagle Transfers
lucky I got the alignment
right the first time
man those suckers really adhere.

the top tube decal is a little twisted
but Dr Steve tells me that is exactly how the factory
would have slapped them on

ummed and ahhed for a long time
as to whether to cut out the shields
or stick them on in their original chrome squares
the latter is how they would have appeared
on the original Supabike.
but that bike was all chrome and the square shape of the decal wouldn't have stood out
as much as the black outline of the shield.
so I opted to cut out the shield shape.
the lack of red and blue in the shield is a reminder of the Supabike
but the shape of the shield is the same as all other Viscounts of that era.

i think I made the right decision.

still waiting on chain stay decals from Dr Steve
and some seat tube bands.

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