Sunday, November 13, 2011

CadeX = CX

the latest incarnation of the cadex is not single speed
but cyclocross.
yes I hanker to be that cool.
actually it was the most sensible way to set up
this particular bike.
it indulges two of my prefs:
moustache bars and single front chainrings.

it's got heaps of gears now too.

the thumb shifter set-up from Victor
works well upside down with just friction to move through
the eight gears

blue fizzik tape gives those yellow forks a 
touch of sweden

and of course it has cantilever brakes.
so watch out dirty deeds!


  1. fantanstic job shep! looks great, how does it ride? i will bring the gemini back home to you and the cadex gears sometime this week. i'm a personal fan of maybe 2-5 gears, especially when just tooling around on the relative flat or our inner northern suburbs.

  2. rides really well. the bars are a bit lower than I'm used to but I'll do some commuting and check that out over distance.

    btw feel free to keep Gem as long as you like. b