Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steph's new bike

putting together a commuter for my niece.
needed to be comfy but light enough to commute a good distance easily,
strong enough to carry panniers full of books
and cheap enough not mind the rough and tumble of the school bike shed.
I think it's turned out just right

an ordinary (albeit very clean and neat) shogun metro before...

some new bars

tyres and 'guards

replace those awful plastic pedals and added MKS half-clips

new chain but kept the old 18 speed drive system

bell, on the stem a la constructeur! :D

et voila
the white tyres and extra silver components 
really darken the frame in a beautiful way.

it's really light and easy to ride too.
much lighter than gary :(
still to come -- rear rack.
bike from Jack at melbourne used bikes
bits from human powered


  1. Nice work on a trusty steed - I rode that exact model Shogun every day for 15 years, it was a ripper. Finally gave it up after realising nearly everything was worn out (had replaced cranks, cluster, chain and derailleur, but where does it stop?) Sold it for $50 to a woman who's partner is a bike mechanic, secretly hoping he will resurrect it for her.You have given me hope.

  2. Yep, pretty much all the components on this bike are ordinary. Those steel cranksets seem to lose teeth faster than aluminium ones, the rims are single walled, the hubs are crap, the bars and stem are badly made and a bad riding position (IMHO of course), the derailleur is basic and sticky, the seat is terrible, the pedals plastic... But the frame is good and so are the cantilever brakes!

    So it's still got the crap wheels (the rear wheel can be replaced with something better when it goes... it's already got a wobble and can't be straightened) and the crap seat and the great brakes. But it now has excellent tyres, bars and stem, crankset and rings, and will be getting a better derailleur set and shifters. And those lovely hammered mudguards. And I stripped the packrack so it's no black.

    Basicallyy my plan is to replace all the black parts with silver ones! b