Friday, September 23, 2011

Secure bike park

joined a secure bike parking facility this week
a great idea and good value
$25 for the swipe card then $2 for 12 hours.
showers extra.

unfortunately the calibre of bikes there was underwhelming.
Terk, Ginat, Medria, Sttoc, 
there was a fancy Italian-sounding brand there but it was crabon 
and was wearing a g-string
not a single bike I would cross the street for
let alone try and pick the D-lock of
in fact, I saw a lot more desirable and rare bikes chained up in the street that day—
e.g Batavus racer with Campagnolo Gran Sport groupset—
than I saw in the "vault"
makes you wonder about the clientele
true early adopters?
needlessly paranoid?
tight-arsed rich?
I think I fall into group B.

Gary was the prettiest one there, by far.
he was about the only steel frame bike anyway.

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